I’ve been in the digital marketing space for over fifteen years. During this time I’ve built and managed over thirty blogs, newsletters, and websites. In terms of skill set, I am experienced in various content management tools, digital imaging, and advanced SEO techniques. I have formal training in website development, graphic design, and desktop publishing.

In addition to producing digital content for organizations, such as the University of Toronto, and managing blogs for major corporations, I have spearheaded the development of digital and social media initiatives for several academic and governmental organizations. On this page, you will find a sample of my work.

Professional Work

Boutique Law Firm (2021)

I provided this boutique law firm with website management (including site maintenance, graphic design, and copy writing), the development of social media and digital marketing assets (such as brochures and social media cards) using Adobe Creative Suite, and the implementation of a digital outreach strategy. Efforts to professionalize the firm’s online presence resulted in an uptick in online engagement as well an an increase in business inquiries.

Legal Award Social Media Asset
Legal Award News Item

LinkedIn Post and Asset for a Legal Decision
LinkedIn Post for Media Hit
LinkedIn Post and Asset for a Speaking Engagement

News Item for Media Hit
Speaking Engagement Social Media Asset
New Hire Social Media Asset
Media Buy for a New Hire
Example News Item for Website

Global Law Firm (2021)

This global law firm required the management of multiple practice-area blogs (mining, insurance, litigation), the production of client-facing digital assets (e.g. proposals, client guides, email “Insights”), and the authoring of a variety of digital content, including practice area descriptions and lawyer profiles. By optimizing posting for audience engagement and proactively managing complex projects, I was able to bring in time-sensitive work on deadline and increase blog views significantly.

Practice Area Description 1
Practice Area Description 2

Lawyer Biography
Example Long-form Guide

Network for the Study of Esotericism in Antiquity (2012–2019)

This international academic organization required full-cycle digital management. This included developing the organization’s website from scratch, online content development and curation, and social media management. In addition to being an important resource for scholars of antiquity, the website was foundational in establishing the organization as one of the leading voices in its field.

Example Landing Page
Example About Page
Example Resource Page

University of Toronto Art Museum (2016)

I authored a digital catalogue entry for an 18th century icon in the Art Museum’s Malcove Collection. In addition, I authored long-form research which was used to support the documentation and presentation of objects for a traveling exhibition (Art Gallery of Alberta).

Mother of God Bogolybskaya Catalogue Entry

York Christian Apocrypha Symposium (2012)

This York University-affiliated academic organization required a promotional website for its conference series. In addition to building the website, I authored website content and outreach materials for the event.

Example Speaker Biography
Website Header Image

University of Toronto Department of Chemistry (2010)

University of Toronto’s Department of Chemistry is one of the highest ranked chemistry departments in the world. Here, I updated our website using Drupal CMS and produced a variety of digital content and graphics for inclusion on the website. I also proofread our departmental magazine, Distillations.

Distillations Masthead

Academic & Community Projects

Video Production: Persuasive Writing & Rhetoric (2020)

This short video is intended to demonstrate my video production and presentation skills. In it, I offer three techniques for elevating your communications.

Watch the Video

Res Communicandae (2020)

Res Communicandae was a non-partisan blog about political communications created to fulfill a Digital Marketing course requirement in the Strategic Public Relations certificate at the University of Toronto. This website featured orignal blog content, content curation, and a social media component.

Sample Blog Post: What Is a Ballot Question?
Sample Curated Content Post
Project Video

Invocatio (2011–2017)

Invocatio was an academic research blog which included original scholarly content, news announcements, and a curated weekly news round-up. Written with a “cheeky” tone, its goal was to make dense academic concepts fun and accessible. Invocatio was a top blog in its genre, garnering thousands of impressions each week, and was widely read by both academic and popular audiences, receiving frequent media attention.

Feature in Academic Newsletter
Feature on Heterodoxology

Ancient Curses (2014–2017)

This research website was created as part of a independent study course and was intended to fill a gap in the scholarly community. Featuring primary and secondary source materials to assist the scholarly community, it included academic resources, news items, and weekly blog posts.

Website Header Image
Website Report

Mulock Avenue Residents Association (2008–2012)

This community website provided news and resources to a community organization in Toronto, Ontario.

Hamilton Cycling Committee (2005–2008)

This website for a municipal committee acted as a comprehensive resource for cycling in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Built in the early 2000’s, before CMS websites were popular, it involved writing code for the site using a combination of web languages.

Landing Page

Keep Hamilton Clean Committee (2004–2006)

This website for a municipal committee acted as a resource for environmental initiatives in the city of Hamilton, Ontario.

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