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Most lawyers would rather process paperwork than be considered among the ranks of personal injury lawyers. The latter certainly has a reputation—loud, brash, eager to gain a client at all costs. But many lawyers would be wise to borrow a few tactics from their personal injury colleagues. At least when it comes to marketing.

Personal injury lawyers have the fundamentals of legal marketing down cold. Here are three things they get right that every lawyer can put into practice when building their book.

They Focus On A Target Client

Personal injury lawyers are laser-focused. They know who their target client is and they go after them. While some firms may have additional, often complementary, practice areas, they understand their core clientele and position themselves in the market accordingly. Figuring out your niche can help you effectively secure the clients that need your services most.

They Communicate Clearly

For all the joking about personal injury firm commercials, you can’t deny that each pitch has a clear, concise message that directly addresses the problem at hand. In a car crash? Have a slip and fall? You don’t have to guess about next steps.

Personal injury firms communicate effectively about their value proposition and how they solve the client’s problem. Smart lawyers see the whole playing field and anticipate their clients needs in advance so that they can articulate the right solution to the right client at the right time.

They Are Highly Visible

It takes guts to put yourself out there. Every personal injury lawyer who plasters their face on a bus stop takes a calculated risk. But by meeting their audience where they are, personal injury firms increase their name recognition and stand out in the marketplace—all while growing their practice among their core clientele.

Whether you raise your profile by following up on a warm lead, regularly checking in with existing clients, or engaging in thought leadership online, the increased visibility that comes from putting yourself out there can potentially translate to increased business.

Key Takeaways

You don’t need a late-night ad or catchy tag-line to build your book, but future rainmakers could benefit from putting these core principles of legal marketing into practice. By identifying your target client, communicating clearly about your value proposition, and making yourself visible you can more readily grow your clientele within your specific legal niche.