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Do we really need to do insights?

I have heard this from lawyers many times. The insight, an in-depth analysis of a court decision or legal trend, is a mainstay of legal marketing. Most lawyers either love them or hate them. And regardless of their position, they are both right.

On the one hand, it is common to see the same court decision tackled by lawyers at similar firms, offering a similar take on the same case. In many ways, it’s a redundant think piece whose only audience is other lawyers. Who needs it?

But insights can also be effective marketing tools, especially for junior lawyers looking to establish their expertise in a particular area. Insights do more than demonstrate thought leadership, they build resumes, act as a calling card for new clients, and can bolster your credentials as a thought leader when awards season rolls around.

(And, from a digital marketing perspective, new content keeps your website’s SEO fresh and gives you something to promote on social media, both of which can raise your profile in the industry and with potential clients.)

Is the insight, at times, overdone? Yes. Can it be more noise in an already crowded market. Absolutely. But it can also be an effective tool in a lawyer’s marketing arsenal, one that demonstrates knowledge and expertise in a specific area.

Insights, on their own, won’t make you a rainmaker. But when used with intention, they can help you carve out your professional niche.