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Love it or hate it, legal award season is right around the corner. Whether you’re part of a large team or a solo practitioner, award submissions are a necessary—if time consuming—component of business development. In fact, the work that goes into preparing submissions, contacting references, and […]
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Effective business development means increasing your visibility among prospective clients. Whether that involves a visit to a head office, ensuring your newsletter goes into the right inboxes, or connecting through targeted advertising—applying the right business development approach can help you grow your practice. Lawyers who are […]
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Around 158 CE, a Numidian man named Apuleius appeared in a Roman court at Sabratha, in what is today northern Libya. The son of a Roman magistrate, Apuleius had burned through a sizable inheritance traveling the empire in search of philosophical knowledge. He was summoned to […]
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It’s a common maxim among digital marketers that “If you’re not online, you don’t exist.” The premise is simple: because the internet is the first stop potential clients go to evaluate their options, any business operating in today’s marketplace needs to have a website. This is […]
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As corporate communicators, our job is to be able to break down complex ideas and connect the dots for the public. But it can be challenging to break through the jargon that serves as business shorthand for everything from a company’s projected growth to its sustained […]
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Smart marketers know that only half of a campaign takes place in-market. The real work comes beforehand—defining your value proposition, identifying your audience, and aligning your message with your business goals. During my time in journalism, audience engagement was always top of mind. Whether that meant […]
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As a lawyer you’ve perfected your craft—you’re a pro at navigating complex issues and can easily manage client expectations. You’ve developed the sort of robust client base that comes from years of training and even more time spent in practice. You might even say that you […]
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Earned media—unpaid, media content produced by someone other than a brand, individual, or organization itself—can be a promotional powerhouse. If you have ever tried a product because of an online review or joined a charity run after seeing it on the news, you have directly experienced […]
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Strong companies are built on the reputation they earn with their clients. But as the saying goes, a reputation can take years to build and only minutes to destroy—impacting both the client relationship and the bottom line. What happens when your company is faced with a […]
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There are many ways that lawyers can build reputational trust with potential clients—awards, lectures, and publications can all speak to a professional’s credentials when establishing the lawyer-client relationship. You may be thinking that highlighting your client list or publishing a testimonial may also be useful for […]
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Most lawyers would rather process paperwork than be considered among the ranks of personal injury lawyers. The latter certainly has a reputation—loud, brash, eager to gain a client at all costs. But many lawyers would be wise to borrow a few tactics from their personal injury […]
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Back when I was a journalist, I interviewed a subject who, towards the end of our conversation, turned the tables and asked me a question. “Do you think the internet will kill journalism?” It was 2006 and I worked in print media. The publications I wrote […]
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Do we really need to do insights? I have heard this from lawyers many times. The insight, an in-depth analysis of a court decision or legal trend, is a mainstay of legal marketing. Most lawyers either love them or hate them. And regardless of their position, […]
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We all know strong marketing when we see it—a snappy tag line, the creative rethinking of brand attributes, an irresistible call to action. As marketers, that’s the impact we strive for. But what happens when our message falls short? Here are the top three marketing mistakes […]
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