A Few More Awards…

On Tuesday, I will be graduating (finally!) from York. This will bring to a close a chapter of my life that was an enormous amount of work but also enriched my life in so many ways. Before I leave the campus for good, I want to share with you some good news: I received a […]

More Good News! SSHRC 2015

Applying to graduate school was quite an involved process. There were transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation, and resumes that had to be prepared and sent to every department. In addition to these materials, I also applied for a government scholarship to pay for my studies. This award, the Canada Master’s Scholarship, is awarded by the […]


A few weeks ago, a letter arrived in my mailbox from the University notifying me that I had been “selected as the fall/winter 2014-2015 recipient of the York University Faculty Association Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship.” The award was very substantial. However, I wasn’t quite sure what it was for. Usually I can figure it out, but […]

My Second (Kinda Third) Academic Award!

The 2012-2013 school year was tough-tough-tough. I worked really, really hard to the point where everything that wasn’t course-related (including sleep) was demoted to second-class status. It wasn’t pretty. In fact, if rocking back and forth in the fetal position while clutching a copy of Iamblichus’ On The Mysteries isn’t the sign of a nervous […]

Classical Greek 2000

Many of you know that this school year was my second year of Ancient Greek. If you are a new student of Ancient Greek (it’s C’est Chic!), I recommend you read my post on Ancient Greek 101 to see what the whole thing is all about. Despite having no expertise in pedagogy whatsoever, I’ll post […]

A Personal Note…

Dear Readers, My apologies, but there is no M.M.M. today. Grover, my dog of nine years, passed away late last week. While he was battling an illness, nothing really prepares you for the loss of a constant friend and companion. As such, I am personally finding it difficult to say something witty on the internet […]