Interview on Curse Tablets with The Secret History of Western Esotericism Podcast!

SHWEPI am delighted to share that I was recently interviewed by The Secret History of Western Esotericism Podcast (SHWEP) about curse tablets and the cult of Magna Mater!

I tackle a number of topics in this interview, including the diffusion of the Eastern cults into the Roman frontier, the reasons why someone might make a curse tablet, and the difference between religion and magic. (Spoiler alert: there aren’t any!)

My thanks to podcast host Earl Fontainelle for taking the time to talk about this exciting topic. We really got into some nitty gritty contextual issues which was a lot of fun (especially if the Roman legal code is your sort of thing!). In addition to the interview, I’ve provided a short reading list for those interested in the subject of magic and cursing in the Greco-Roman world. Of course, if magic in antiquity is your thing, I encourage you to listen to the other podcast episodes, as there are some serious heavyweights in the field (like Daniel Ogden and Richard Seaford) represented.

Listen to the podcast here.

Visit the SHWEP website here.