Joining the Dean’s Circle of Student Scholars

Recently, I was invited to join the Dean’s Circle of Student Scholars. This is an elite group of students in the Faculty of Liberal Art and Professional Sciences who have a GPA in the 90th percentile or higher. Of course, I was thrilled when I received my invite. After two years at York, it is beyond amazing to see my hard work recognized.

The Dean’s Circle welcomed its newest members with a luncheon held at The Underground. So I put on my “serious scholar” suit and made the hike to campus for a free meal (because students can’t resist a free meal) and to find out what exactly the Dean’s Circle is.

Like York, those of us at the luncheon came from all walks of life. Some students were fresh out of high school, while others (like me) were older and balancing school with family and work obligations. After the Assistant Dean said a few words, the Dean of the Faculty gave a nice speech about education and life and all those other feel-good things you tell students when you want to inspire them.

I was quite impressed with the luncheon itself and even more impressed by the group of people in the Dean’s Circle. There are times where I still don’t know how to talk about my educational goals, and it’s inspiring to be around people who are able to articulate their vision—perhaps it will rub-off on me! I am beyond thrilled to be part of this group and am grateful for this recognition by the Faculty.

2 thoughts on “Joining the Dean’s Circle of Student Scholars
  1. Cool, I just got the letter saying id be a part of this. It was quite astounding that this was the only information available on the whole ordeal.

    1. Hey Ali,

      For sure do it! You’ll get access to special lectures, not to mention it’ll look nice on your resume.

      And yes, there isn’t much info out there on it. We’re like a top-secret group of super-smart people. ;)

      Hope to see you around campus. Cheers!

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