The Book of Splendor…Or Evil?

I mentioned recently that about doing some research into the Kabbalah, specifically its medieval origins. But what about its evil connections?

Evil? What’s so evil about Jewish mysticism? (Ok, you readers are smart, so don’t answer that or you’ll spoil the joke.) Apparently, mysticism wasn’t just a topic of debate amongst medieval Jews, but according to this, um, unauthorized commentary in a book on The Zohar, the Kabbalah continues to provoke strong emotions.

I give you: Exhibit A, found in a quiet corner of the York University library:

Wow! What a strong reaction! Admittedly, I found this commentary kind of amusing. For one, this is a book which is probably read very rarely. Second, this lonely tome managed to push one patron so over the edge that they felt the need to vandalize it. What’s the point of that? When people are looking for ways to sin, they usually don’t consult esoteric Midrash, right?

Like, hello, the internet.

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