Mysteria Misc. Maxima

Mysteria Misc. Maxima is a weekly feature which brings together links on religion and esotericism from around the internet.

  • Having your licence revoked is no match for God, or at least one man is hoping that’s the case. After Lynn Gustafson’s private zoo was shut down, he decided to partner with the almighty to beat the authorities. By turning the zoo into a religious society,  he hopes his roadside attraction can avoid decommission. (Calgary Sun)
  • Speaking of things being “decommissioned,” remember when the Ritman Library closed down? It looks like the collection of esoteric writings may be moving back to its home in Amsterdam. The good news? Instead of being sold-off piecemeal, the collection of nearly 20,000 esoteric works will remain largely intact. Which brings us to the bad news: not everything will be returned, including the 1471 edition of Ficino’s Corpus Hermeticum. (Heterodoxology)
  • Also via Heterodoxology, a whole bunch of video lectures from the INASWE Conference. Come for the lecture on Kabbalistic divinity maps, stay for the juicy lowdown on sexual mysticism. (Heterodoxology)
  • Ronald Hutton is getting the pagans all in a tizzy again with his latest article in Pomegranate. My favourite response came from Morgan Epstein who said, “Occasionally, I still run into someone that believes that the witch-hunts actually was being conducted to purge the remains of a pagan religion—I tend to humor them. Also on occasion, I run into someone that claims to be fam-trad—I really humor them—they tend to be teenagers! Of course, this is America; everyone in America is delusional, more or less.” (Gleamings from the Golden Dawn)

Capella Tornabuoni via wikimedia commons.

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