The Chosen Festival

The Toronto Jewish Film Festival has some impressive marketing for their week-long celebration of Jewish film.

Not only did word spread when the TTC rejected their racy ad depicting Moses exiting a limousine in flagrante (thus earning them much coveted free publicity), but they followed up on the “modern day Moses” theme by running television spots of re-contextualized bible stories. (Such as this one of Moses parting the…spilled soda.)

So when I spotted the Bloor Cinema’s marquee touting “The Chosen Festival,” I had to pause and capture the brilliant branding around this festival. It turns out, this is the official slogan of the TJFF, but it doesn’t diminish the potency one bit.

I love the way the festival is playing with tradition and foundational beliefs—it’s a lighthearted way to celebrate Jewish heritage while playing on secular views of Judaism. Great branding and fun! Whoever came up with this campaign is very, very clever.