Sarah Veale is a marketing and communications specialist based in Calgary.

With a track record spanning over fifteen years, Sarah marries deep experience with a clear-sighted execution that articulates complexity in a forthright, accessible manner. By taking an innovative and goal-focused approach that sees the entire playing field, she creates strategies that balance risk and reward, consistency with courage.

Sarah effectively positions organizations at the forefront of change, establishing them as leaders in their field. A former journalist, she has worked with clients in the cultural, academic, and professional sectors, helping them to think bigger and bolder about their work, their audiences, and their comfort zones.

Known for taking risks and challenging the status quo, Sarah relentlessly pursues the cutting edge in all her endeavours. As a result, her ground-breaking work has been widely published and is frequently featured in the media.


Boutique Law Firm

I managed all aspects of a boutique law firm’s digital profile and outreach, including digtal asset creation, website and social media management, and SEO optimization.

Global Law Firm

I project managed and authored a variety of communications assets for a multi-national law firm, including practice area descriptions, webinar scripts, and social media copy.

major canadian universities

I’ve managed departmental websites, authored communications for award-winning departments, and executed outreach campaigns for several academic initiatives.

local & National publications

As a journalist, I authored hundreds of articles and numerous cover stories for a variety of weekly newspapers in southern Ontario as well as national print publications.


Master of Arts
University of Toronto

As part of an top-ten internationally ranked program, my work focused on communication in antiquity.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons.)
York University

Double-majoring in Relgious Studies and Classical Studies, I graduated summa cum laude at the top of both programs.

Associate of Arts
Moraine Valley Community College

I graduated cum laude with a liberal arts degree that focused on political science.

Strategic Public Relations
University of Toronto

This certificate integrated traditional public relations principles with the latest in digital marketing strategy.

Business and Consulting
York University

This certificate, awarded by the YGMCA, is geared towards PhD candidates pursing a career in the private sector.

Analysis of Epigraphic and Archaeological Materials
Universität Göttingen

This invitation-only certificate required thorough knowledge of ancient languages and the field’s academic literature.